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About easyJet

easyJet is now the second largest low-cost carrier in Europe, behind Ryanair. The company considers itself a pioneer in online booking for travel. Initially, easyJet bookings could only be completed over the phone, but in 1997 easyJet implemented a website for direct easyJet bookings. The initial two routes that were operated by easyJet were from London Luton to Glasgow and to Edinburgh. easyJet now operates over 600 routes both domestically and internationally in 32 countries and in 2013, the airlines carried over 60 million passengers to their destinations.

Using GoEuro in conjunction with easyJet is a breeze, you can compare and combine prices and timetables to ensure you get the best deals and offers! GoEuro also provides its users with the unique opportunity to combine trains or buses to their journeys, or ditching flights all together, often resulting in cheaper travel.

easyJet Flight Checklist

  1. Try to book at least 12 days in advance to get the best easyJet deals. As a low-fare airline, easyJet flights usually offer a range of tickets that are available on a first come, first serve basis, usually meaning the earlier you book, the greater number of cheap easyJet tickets you have to choose from. Fares typically increase as the plane fills up.
  2. If cheap prices are your main prerogative when flying with easyJet, it is best to flexible with your time and date of travel. In addition to that, easyJet FLEXI fares are also available to purchase on all flights and offer unlimited free date changes and route changes, as well as easyJet Speedy Boarding. These flights are usually slightly more than the regular fares available.
  3. Ensure you have no liquids above 100ml; they will be confiscated. In the same vein, the prices onboard an easy flight can be extortionate so it is advised to purchase essential items like water or snacks at duty-free.
  4. As part of their low-fare model, there are a number of extras that can be purchased in addition to your flight, including seat selection, food and drinks in-flight, and hold baggage. Checked luggage costs between around £10 - £20 per bag depending on the flight when pre-booked online, and £30 at the airport and £45 at the gate. For carry-on luggage, the dimensions of the piece cannot exceed 275cm (length + width + height) and only one piece is allowed. Other fees you can expect include a cancellation fee, passenger name change fee, and flight change fee.
  5. Have a go Flyers beware! easyJet have recently had a change in policy that penalises flyers who arrive at the airport less than 30 minutes before their flight! Passengers who arrive at the airport late will no longer be given the option to skip the queue at security and sprint for dear life to the gate. Travellers will now be given the option of paying up to £80 to switch to another flight, entitled a resue fee. However, if you are tardy by nature, a cheaper alternative to prevent incurring this hefty fine is to purchase easyJets “missed flight cover” for £7.50 prior to the time of departure, which entitles the passenger to either a full refund or travel on the next available flight for holiday makers who turn up late at the airport.

easyJet Destinations and Airports

The first easyJet base was at London Luton and operated two flight destinations to Scotland. Since then they have expanded to 10 operational bases in the UK, with the largest being London Gatwick. Other easyJet departure points include Milan Malpensa, London Luton, Bristol and London Stansted. Though a British-based airline, easyJet flights throughout Europe are very popular and other frequent destinations they service include Paris Orly, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Berlin Schönefeld, Lisbon and Rome Fiumicino. Some of the airline's most popular journeys include those to and from London via its Luton, Gatwick and Southend airports, as well as destinations such as Majorca, Amsterdam, Ibiza, and Naples. easyJet’s main office is located at their first base, London Luton.

Popular easyJet flights in Europe

Here's a short rundown of the most popular destinations to fly to with easyJet.

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easyJet Timetables and Destinations by Country

Below is the complete list of destinations that easyJet flies to divided by popular countries. Explore to check out the complete list of flights and schedules provided by easyJet.

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