When looking for where to eat in Edinburgh it’s said that your appetite better be ready. Restaurants in the Scottish capital plate up servings as generous as the warm Scottish hospitality you’re welcomed with and certainly leave you without wanting.

Working through a list of top restaurants in Edinburgh you’ll find the cuisine is hearty in style, with beef as a highlight, meaning the carnivore within will be well pleased. This handpicked list of adored Edinburgh locales showcases good Scottish grub, along with some surprisingly good international cuisines that have made themselves well at home in this eclectic city.

The Fountain

As far as finding a spot to enjoy some proper ‘pub grub’ goes The Fountain has to be one of the best places to eat in Edinburgh. The old pub has been beautifully renovated, providing a nice dose of class to your classic pub experience.

The craft beer here flows as generously as the smiles from the staff. Warm, attentive and welcoming, you’ll find the waiters are the kind that set you at ease and comfort from the moment you step into the space. Did we mention it’s a dog-friendly restaurant too?

The Fountain’s menu serves up some serious portion sizes of typical Scottish fodder. Think fish n’ chips, lamb shanks and beef and black pudding burgers. The must try dish however is the beef shin pie, just be aware it is made to order and takes around 30 mins to get to your table, so treat yourself to a small starter to tide you over if needed.

If you’re looking for where to eat in Edinburgh The Fountain is the kind of place you’d happily recommend to a friend and with a menu that’s varied and changes frequently the locals mention this hot spot is one they visit again and again.

Edinburgh restaurants

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Los Argentinos

True to their homeland this Argentinian steakhouse and grill restaurant is serious about carne. Easily one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh you really do need to arrive here with a solid appetite. Enjoying some serious value for money the serving sizes here are LARGE.

Most popular on the menu is the mixed meat platter. Listed as a platter for two, it should really read four! Unless you’re interested in a takeaway bag of cold meats for tomorrow’s lunch, do not order anything else if you choose this dish. The wine selection here is also held in high regard.

What better way to wash down your steak and empanadas than with a glass of Mendosa’s local Malbec too?

Los Argentinos is also perfect for big groups, one of the first things you’ll notice upon entering is the large open restaurant floor that easily hosts a group on those special occasion dinners.

Edinburgh restaurants

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The Rosehip

The Rosehip is a cosy, trendy little gem in the mass of Rose Street eateries. Scottish style in cuisine, but with a refined touch, you can get your fill of haggis, neeps and tatties here, along with a typical Scottish breakfast of fried eggs and black pud.

As far as places to eat in Edinburgh go, The Rosehip is set to please for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, keeping true to their Scottish roots, it’s also a perfect spot for those with a taste for whiskey. There’s a two-page selection to happily sip your way through.

Edinburgh restaurants

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Mia Restaurant

For something a little less Scottish, Mia Restaurant is touted as a slice of true Italian cuisine nestled in Scotland and is easily one of the best places to eat in Edinburgh. Typically Italian in style the menu is simple, but each dish is executed exquisitely. Think mushroom and prawn risotto, fresh pasta (the linguine is a must try) and traditional bistecca al ferri steak.

The warm Italian hospitality will catch your heart every time at Mia Restaurant. Everything about this place feels authentic and homemade, and the food absolutely tastes just like it’s straight from ‘Mama’s kitchen’. Beware this place is small and popular.

It’s best to make a reservation, but don’t shy away from dropping in too. The friendly staff will always try to accommodate.

Edinburgh restaurants

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When whittling down a list of the best restaurants in Edinburgh, Shebeen Bar most certainly makes the cut. This South African inspired eatery offers up unique flavours that appease even the most discerning ‘Saffa’ food connoisseur.

Make sure you try the traditional South African potjie, a spiced meat stew slow cooked in a cast iron pot. The seafood options of calamari and prawns transport you to a Capetown seaside and Shebeen is yet another place to enjoy a prize winning steak in Edinburgh.

Note must also be made for the casual and inviting atmosphere here, amplified by the warm and friendly staff. They really have that special knack for making you feel in good hands from the start of your experience, followed through with making you feel well attended to at every stage of your dining experience.

Edinburgh restaurants

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With that list of the best restaurants in Edinburgh under your belt for your next visit you’ll be well sorted for each meal. Enjoy!