Fancy exploring the Netherlands for under £26? All too often Amsterdam is the one stop shop for those venturing to this beautiful country, but the Netherlands really does have so much more to offer, even on a budget. This is all thanks to the recent introduction of intercontinental bus company FlixBus. You can now book the cheapest bus tickets online for the Netherlands and discover this multi-cultural country, with the comfort of free wifi might we add, without the hefty price tag.

We’ve discovered a scenic and lively route in which you can tour the Netherland’s prettiest towns, breathtaking natural parks and eccentric nightlife, all for a pretty price that won’t bust the bank.

1. Starting point: Rotterdam

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The Netherland’s second-largest metropolis, Rotterdam, offers a more contemporary vibe compared to its red-bricked sibling Amsterdam. A hub of futuristic architecture, high-end museums and bubbling nightlife, all centred around Europe’s busiest port, makes Rotterdam one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities.

What to see: Rotterdam boasts a grand array of attractions, from fine dining in its colourful Markthal Rotterdam (pictured above), to Museum Boijmans van Beuningen which hosts paintings spanning from Dutch to European artists.

As the sun sets across the port make sure you visit Rotown, one of the city’s most notorious nightclubs for a night of dancing. But if you’re looking for something on the chill side, be sure to check Café LaBru, a craft-beer fanatic’s Havana.


2. From Rotterdam to Nijmegen

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FlixBus Rotterdam-Nijmegen: from £5

Duration: 1.5 hours

Although Nijmegen may be Holland’s oldest city, it certainly doesn’t act its age. A focal point for independent businesses, crafty individuals and erasmus students this city has become a hotbed for young professionals. The diversity between picturesque cottages, rolling canals and all-night parties is a combination which dips Nijmegen deep in a fun-loving culture.

What to see: Take time to idle through the town’s historical quarter, absorbing yourself in that famous Dutch architecture which may cause heart-fluttering. When you managed to drag yourself away from the town centre be sure to engage in some water sports on the adjoining river Waal.

Quench your thirst in the cosy Café In De Blaauwe Hand, a favourite spot among locals. If you’re in need of something more up-tempo check out Cafe Jos, a buzzing bar which overflows with warm welcomes and nightlife enthusiasts.


3. Nijmegen to Zwolle

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FlixBus Nijmegen – Zwolle from £5.50

Duration: 1.5 hours

Nuzzle through the cosy streets of Zwolle, one of the most beautiful towns in the Netherlands. This town is littered with eye-catching historic sites which flow into its Medieval style.

What to see: Zwolle boasts a beautiful exterior but it’s the Museum de Fundatie which blows visitors away. One of Europe’s most underrated art museums holds an immense range of artwork: from Rembrandt to Van Gogh, Turner to contemporary pieces, making it a must-see while in town.

Voorstraat is a magnet for those searching for night-time fun in Zwolle. Buzz about in this street’s electric atmosphere with bars such as Vliegende Paard, De Doctor and Shotto. In the summer months you’ll find the crowds spilling out of the bars, which causes Voorstraat to evolve into an enormous street party.


4. From Zwolle to Hoogeveen

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Flixbus Zwolle-Hoogeveen: from £

Duration: 30 minutes

In need of relaxation? You’ve come to the right place. The sleepy town of Hoogeveen offers visitors a laid-back experience, making it the perfect spot for a night’s rest. Although in saying that, it’s the charming buildings and quaint atmosphere that truly gives this town its character.

What to see: But looks can be deceiving. Before you get too cushy, you need to check out Hoogeveen’s sky-diving experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the Netherlands from above. Afterwards, you’ll receive a video of the full experience which you can showcase to your friends, but perhaps not your mother.

Falling from the sky will probably make you hungry. Dive into dinner at Grand Café Het Postkantoor, a very reasonably priced restaurant with good sized portions making it the best place to grab a bite in town! However if it’s some hearty bar food, delicious Dutch beer and good company you’re after, hit up Eetcafe the Pub situated in the heart of Hoogeveen.


5. Endpoint Groningen

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Flixbus Hoogeveen-Groningen: from £

Duration: 1 hour

Ease into civilisation once more with a trip to the capital of the north, Groningen. This university city buzzes with life throughout the year. This influx of youth causes the kooky old streets to come alive with open-air raves over summer to the ice-skating on the frozen canals in winter.

What to see: You can’t arrive into town without noticing the architecturally stunning Groninger Museum which houses exhibitions as unique as its external design. After flowing throughout the contemporary wonders of the gallery take a gander around Prinsenhof Gardens. A natural sensation for the senses, perfect for any nature enthusiast.

Lucky for those who indulge in the delight of eating, Groninger has a ton of fabulous restaurants. Whether you looking for a place with a laid-back atmosphere like Mr. Monfongo’s or upscale gourmet treasures available at Houdt van Eten, no matter what you’re hungry for Groningen will have it.

When you’ve had your fill dive into this city’s jazz scene at New Orleans Jazz Cafe, a swanky location where both bohemians and musicians come to show off their talents. If you plan on finishing your trip with a bang then immerse yourself at De Oosterpoort. An exhilarant bar with a variation of music and remains a consistent top nightlife spot in Groningen, a perfect way to end your holiday!

Care to start your tour of the Netherlands? You can gather all your transport information here!

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