Buy Eurolines bus tickets using

Buy Eurolines bus tickets using

About Eurolines

Eurolines is a major European coach company with over 600 destinations throughout Europe and Morocco. Eurolines operates with a network of cooperating coach companies from all over Europe, offering extensive connections. In England and Northern Ireland they are partnered with the National Express Group and Ulsterbus, respectively. Passengers going beyond national borders will be travelling with Eurolines buses. Passengers travelling to mainland Europe from anywhere in the UK will first need to travel with National Express to London’s Victoria Coach Station where international connections are possible.

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Where can I go With Eurolines?

Eurolines France Destinations

Eurolines France is one of the major bus companies in France. Eurolines France operate coaches to 90+ destinations throughout the country. Eurolines work with another Transdev subsidiary, Isilines, to offer competitive prices for bus tickets across the whole of France.

Buses to Paris
Buses to Bordeaux
Buses to Toulouse
Buses to Lyon
Buses to Marseille
Buses to Nice
Buses to Rennes
Buses to Montpellier
Buses to Strasbourg

Eurolines Germany Routes

Buses to Berlin
Buses to Munich
Buses to Cologne
Buses to Frankfurt
Buses to Hanover
Buses to Dortmund
Buses to Stuttgart
Buses to Dresden
Buses to Essen
Buses to Hamburg

Eurolines Germany coaches travel to a multitude of destinations in Germany. These journeys depart from the UK in London Victoria and are perfect for long distance travel as they are equipped with exceedingly comfortable seats and Wi-Fi.

FAQ - Tickets, Services and Further Information

Eurolines Tickets

Eurolines Ticket types

  • Eurolines Open Ticket: Tickets where you book the outbound journey and can take the return journey within 8 days.

  • Eurolines Promo Fares: Cheaper advance fares with potential savings of 90%.

  • Eurolines Discount Tickets: Discounts of 20% and 10% are available for students and senior citizens respectively.

  • Be aware that different Eurolines brands in Europe operate different age limits and age bands for discount fares. For example Eurolines France have bands for Children Under 4, Children Between 4-11 and Youths Between 12-25, whilst Eurolines Germany have price bands for Children Under 4, Children Between 4-12 and Adolescents between 12-18.

Services With Eurolines

What are services available for Disabled Passengers?

  • The vast majority of the Eurolines' fleet now have a passenger lift at the front entrance of the coach.

  • If you are a passenger travelling in a wheelchair, please notify Eurolines at least 36 hours in advance of your journey on 01 49 72 57 27.

  • Generally, discounts are available for helpers required for those travelling with disabilities.

Luggage Allowances with Eurolines

How much Luggage can I take with Eurolines?

  • Hand luggage: 1 piece of hand luggage under 5kg free of charge

  • "Checked" Luggage: 2 medium sized suitcases which do not exceed 20kg each free of charge

  • If you require extra luggage, this needs to arranged in advance. Prices differ depending on which Eurolines subsidiary you travel with.

Pets on board Eurolines

Are pets allowed on Eurolines services?

  • All pets are forbidden from Eurolines services aside from assistance dogs

Eurolines Compensation

I Can Claim Compensation If...

  • The journey being made takes longer than 3 hours to complete, or is greater than 250 km in distance AND the departure point is within the EU
  • Customers are delayed for more than two hours
  • The coach or bus service has been overbooked
  • The coach or bus service has been cancelled

Rights to “Adequate Assistance”

  • Providing the journey fits the above minimum requirement, if a delay or cancellation leaves customers waiting for 90 minutes or more, Eurolines must offer “adequate assistance”. This will be available in the form of snacks, refreshments and possibly accommodation if required.