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About National Express

National Express Coaches is an intercity long-distance national coach company founded in and based out of Birmingham. It is the largest coach company in the United Kingdom, operating connections to all major cities. It is owned by the National Express Group and most of their services are subcontracted to local coach companies throughout England, Scotland and Wales. It has been one of the primary national coach companies in the UK since its founding and provides services to European destinations across the continent.

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National Express Timetable

London Brighton Coach
London Edinburgh Coach
London Manchester Coach
London Liverpool Coach
London Birmingham Coach
London Oxford Coach
Liverpool Manchester Coach
Glasgow Edinburgh Coach
Cambridge London Coach
Leeds London Coach

Where can I go With National Express?

Popular National Express routes within the UK

National Express is the main provider of bus routes in the UK. The company primarily connects the larger cities in the UK such as London, Manchester and Birmingham. Though, smaller destinations are accessable. Both long and short distance journeys are covered by National Express coaches within the UK.

Buses to Manchester From £3
Buses to Edinburgh From £7
Buses to Birmingham From £4
Buses to Leeds From £3
Buses to Glasgow From £4
Buses to Bristol From £5
Buses to Liverpool From £3
Buses to Cambridge From £6
Buses to Bath From £3
Buses to Brighton From £5

National Express European Routes

Buses to Berlin From £57
Buses to Brüssel From £18
Buses to Budapest From £57
Buses to Amsterdam From £18
Buses to vienna From £68
Buses to Zurich From £67
Buses to Kopenhagen From £65
Buses to Dublin From £24
Buses to Paris From £15
Buses to Warsaw From £55

In partnership with Eurolines, National Express coaches travel to over 450 destinations across Europe. These journeys depart from London Victoria and are perfect for long distance travel as they are equipped with exceedingly comfortable seats and WiFi.

FAQ - Tickets, Services and Further Information

National Express Tickets

Phone: 0871 781 8181

Online via the National Express website, or to compare different modes Check out GoEuro.

National Express Ticket types

  • National Express Funfares: Cheap tickets available through booking in advance. These are amendable but non-refundable.

  • National Express Economy Tickets: Slightly more expensive although can be fully refunded up to 72 hours prior to travel.

  • National Express Discount Coach Cards: Gives card holders up to a third off on single economy tickets along with various other benefits. These are available for customers aged between 16 - 26 and seniors, there is also a disabled discount card.

  • Children under the age of 2 years old can travel for free assuming they can sit on an adult's lap.

Services With National Express

What are services available for Disables Passengers?

  • The vast majority of the National Express' fleet now have a passenger lift at the front entrance of the coach.

  • If you are a passenger travelling in a wheelchair, please notify National Express at least 36 hours in advanced of your journey on 08717 81 81 81.

  • Coach cards are available for those travelling with disabilities which gives passengers a third off standard fare tickets.

Luggage Allowences with National Express

How much Luggage can I take with National Express?

  • Hand luggage: 1 soft piece of hand luggage free of charge.

  • "Checked" Luggage: 2 medium sized suitcases which do not exceed 20 kg each.

  • If you require extra luggage, this needs to arranged in advance.

National Express extra Luggage Allowance Fees:


1 Bag

Extra Bags

Up to 3 Bags



£10 each




£15 each


Pets on board National Express

Are pets allowed on National Express services?

  • All pets are forbidden from National Express services aside from assistance dogs.

National Express Compensation

I Can Claim Compensation If...

  • The journey being made must take longer than 3 hours to complete, or be greater than 250 km in distance. Examples of long-haul journeys that exceed this distance include London to Manchester, Glasgow to Cardiff, Liverpool to Oxford and Exeter to Leeds.
  • Customers are delayed for more than two hours.
  • The coach or bus service has been overbooked.
  • The coach or bus service has been cancelled.

Rights to “Adequate Assistance”

  • Providing the journey fits the above minimum requirement, if a delay or cancellation leaves customers waiting for 90 minutes or more, National Express must offer “adequate assistance”. This will be available in the form of snacks, refreshments and possibly accommodation if required.

National Express Timetables and Schedules

Route Frequency Duration From

London - Brighton Coaches

Every 1h from 06:30

2h 20m



London - Edinburgh Coaches

9 per day from 07:00

From 8h 40m



London - Manchester Coaches

At least every 1h from 07:00

From 4h 40m



London - Liverpool Coaches

Every 1h from 07:00

5h 30m



London - Birmingham Coaches

At least every 1h from 06:00

2h 50m



London - Oxford Coaches

Every half an hour

1h 50m



Liverpool - Manchester Coaches

At least every 1h from 05:45




Edinburgh - Glasgow Coaches

Every half an hour




Leeds - London Coaches

Every hour from 05:00

3h 50m



Cambrige - London Coaches

2 per hour from 05:00