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The first bus from Birmingham to Glasgow leaves at 4:30 a.m., with approximately 5 buses departing during the day until the last bus at 10:30 p.m. The shortest available journey is 6 hours, and the longest around 9.5 hours.


With a burgeoning cultural and culinary scene, Birmingham is fast catching up to London as a popular destination, but with the advantage of far fewer tourists. While there, be sure to take a walk around "the Custard Factory", a cluster of misused factories that have been redeveloped into a space for the city's artists, actors and musicians. Another great area to explore is Birmingham's jewellery quarter, which dates back more than 250 years and is home to over 500 jewellery businesses. Art lovers shouldn't miss the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, home to one of the finest collections in Britain.


Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and regularly jostles with Edinburgh for the position of most popular. Where Edinburgh is classic and beautiful, Glasgow is gritty and edgy, offering internationally renowned museums and galleries, a vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopping. Glasgow means "dear green place" in Gaelic, and with over 90 parks in the city, visitors can easily take a relaxing break before delving back into the many sights. One not to miss is the Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and now an icon of 20th-century design.

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