The GoEuro Football Price Index

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The GoEuro team is made up of fans from over 30 nationalities, and we're always arguing about which country has the best teams and leagues. While we understand that "fans will love and support their team at home or abroad no matter the price" we think it is valuable to understand what the real monetary-value is that fans are getting for their buck in a league vs league comparison.

With this in mind, we've once again teamed up with the experts at Onefootball, the worlds #1 football app, to compile and calculate the costs of attending a top division game in 25 countries, and included factors like bus, train, and air transport to an away game as well as accommodation, food, and beverages during the matches. In a separate calculation, we ranked the leagues based on quality of the football played by their teams, using several world rankings including UEFA, FIFA, and third party databases. Finally, we weighed each league's ranking against the average cost of a first league ticket.

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro said: "It costs almost the same to travel to Germany to see a Bundesliga match as it does to stay in the UK and attend a Premier League game. Each week more than 2,000 British fans travel to see Borussia Dortmund play, in addition to the 1,500 Brits travelling to St. Pauli games in Hamburg and the 1,000 Brits going to Union Berlin games on a weekly basis. These numbers might lead you to question whether home fans in the UK are really getting a fair deal for their money.''

Average ticket price was calculated using an average of first division game tickets for multiple stadiums and seat types across a standard football season.

*While it did not factor on the value ranking, we calculated away game costs for informational purposes, specifically for travelling football fans. The away game cost is intended to represent the actual cost of attending an away game in each league's country. Factors included transport costs (using data from the GoEuro Transport Price Index), one nights accommodation costs (using data from the GoEuro Accommodation Price Index), and food and beer costs (using data from The Economist's Big Mac Index and the GoEuro Beer Price Index).

Each league's ranking was determined by combining several world football rankings including UEFA, FIFA, and third party databases.

We use the 'value score' field to determine where you get the best value football for the money you're spending to see a game. The score is the result of a calculation combining average game costs and the league ranking. Teams with a better league ranking or a lower cost of a ticket will have more value. Formula = 10000/(TicketPrice*(3+LeagueRanking)^2)