Deutsche Bahn:Tickets, Schedules and Routes


  • Power Outlet
  • Wifi
  • Refreshments
  • Media
  • AC
  • WC
  • Seat Reservation
  • Luggage
  • Allows Bicycle

Facilities on the Deutsche Bahn trains include toilets in each carriage, air conditioning in warmer months, and has luggage and bicycle allowance, with luggage storage compartments. There is also WiFi on the high speed ICE trains, and power outlets on most services. On some trains there is a refreshments carriage, and on others refreshments come through the train.


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Deutsche Bahn

In 1994, following the reunification of East and West Germany, the Deutsche Bundesbahn amalgamated with the Deutsche Reichsbahn and formed Deutsche Bahn AG. Although it is a private company, its single shareholder is the Federal Republic of Germany. Today, Deutsche Bahn operates in 130 countries. The company owns land, air and freight companies, including Arriva Trains Wales in Great Britain. Deutsche Bahn delivers 1.98 billion train passengers and 756 million bus passengers every year to 5,700 stations.

Deutsche Bahn Stations and Destinations

Deutsche Bahn's principal hubs are the main train stations of Germany's larger cities, such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. It has rail links to other European countries, including Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Its trains and buses cater for all levels of travel; local commuting, business travel and tourism.


Planning your Deutsche Bahn Trip with GoEuro

  • Deutsche Bahn Timetable Information:A concise table showing all Deutsche Bahn train times to help you book cheap Deutsche Bahn tickets, available to download.
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Deutsche Bahn

Find a PDF version of Deutsche Bahn times here.

Deutsche Bahn Services

Deutsche Bahn has two main subsidiaries. DB Fernverkehr AG operates the InterCity and InterCityExpress trains in Germany. It also operates EuroCity trains throughout Europe. These services are aimed at business travellers and tourists. German passengers can book certain tickets online, and print them when purchased. Passengers can also reserve seats, purchase travel insurance and make use of a courier luggage service. DB Regio AG operates services for short and medium distance journeys. The subsidiary is subdivided into 8 DB Regio companies, for example, DB Regio Bayern operates trains in Bavaria. DB Regio also operates the S-Bahn or local train network in Hamburg and Berlin, and it owns 25 bus companies.

Deutsche Bahn Ticket Types

Deutsche Bahn offers passengers varying levels of fare and several types of tickets. More information is below.

  • First-class passengers can alter travel arrangements at short notice. They can reserve seats at no extra cost in advance of travel, receive complimentary beverages and snacks, and have access to Wi-Fi.
  • Children under 6 travel free and unticketed on journeys and children between 6 and 14 also travel for free alongside a parent or guardians ticket - which is organised prior to the journey.
  • Also available are group discounts and discounted overnight travel rates, flexible tickets and saver fares. The Flexi pass allows passengers to travel 3-10 days in the month and is available by post. The Consecutive pass allows up to 5, 10 and 15 days of non-stop travel.
  • Also available are excursion tickets and rail passes to German destinations, and to Switzerland. Passengers travelling to airports can take advantage of Rail and Fly deals.