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The standard class for all Eurostar trains include facilities such as air-conditioning and spacious carriages, food and drink is available to purchase on the train and passengers can use the free Wifi throughout the whole of St. Pancras station before departure. Passengers wishing for an upgrade can do so, subject to availability, upon arrival to the station for extra legroom, complimentary magazines and meals. There are luggage racks in each carriage and seat reservation is available during purchase. Click more for further information and Eurostar maps.


Eurostar Prices

Sat 17 Dec Sun 18 Dec Mon 19 Dec Tue 20 Dec Wed 21 Dec Thu 22 Dec Fri 23 Dec Sat 24 Dec Sun 25 Dec Mon 26 Dec Tue 27 Dec Wed 28 Dec Thu 29 Dec Fri 30 Dec Sat 31 Dec Sun 1 Jan Mon 2 Jan Tue 3 Jan Wed 4 Jan Thu 5 Jan Fri 6 Jan Sat 7 Jan Sun 8 Jan Mon 9 Jan Tue 10 Jan Wed 11 Jan Thu 12 Jan Fri 13 Jan Sat 14 Jan Sun 15 Jan Mon 16 Jan Tue 17 Jan Wed 18 Jan Thu 19 Jan Fri 20 Jan Sat 21 Jan Sun 22 Jan Mon 23 Jan Tue 24 Jan Wed 25 Jan Thu 26 Jan Fri 27 Jan Sat 28 Jan Sun 29 Jan Mon 30 Jan Tue 31 Jan Wed 1 Feb Thu 2 Feb Fri 3 Feb Sat 4 Feb Sun 5 Feb Mon 6 Feb Tue 7 Feb Wed 8 Feb Thu 9 Feb Fri 10 Feb Sat 11 Feb Sun 12 Feb Mon 13 Feb Tue 14 Feb Wed 15 Feb Thu 16 Feb Fri 17 Feb Sat 18 Feb Sun 19 Feb Mon 20 Feb Tue 21 Feb Wed 22 Feb Thu 23 Feb Fri 24 Feb Sat 25 Feb Sun 26 Feb Mon 27 Feb Tue 28 Feb Wed 1 Mar Thu 2 Mar Fri 3 Mar Sat 4 Mar Sun 5 Mar Mon 6 Mar Tue 7 Mar Wed 8 Mar Thu 9 Mar Fri 10 Mar Sat 11 Mar Sun 12 Mar Mon 13 Mar Tue 14 Mar Wed 15 Mar Thu 16 Mar Fri 17 Mar Sat 18 Mar Sun 19 Mar Mon 20 Mar Tue 21 Mar
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Price Calendar: These fares were collected over the last 24 hours and may be subject to change. For the full Eurostar timetable, click here.

Ask the Experts

At GoEuro we want travellers to be plenty prepared for their trips. That's why we teamed up with travel blogger Vicky from and sent her off to charming Paris to get the low down on travelling with the Eurostar, in order to help answer our users' FAQs about the experience.

Click here to see more about how her trip went and to find out more about travelling on the Eurostar.


"Travelling from London to Paris on the Eurostar is so easy, it almost feels unreal. Board the train in central London, at St Pancras International, and just 2 hours and 30 minutes-ish later you’re in central Paris, at the Gare du Nord. It’s the simplest and quickest way to get to France, as once you’ve reached Paris the rest of Western Europe is easily accessible by onward train."




The Eurostar

The Eurostar is the only high-speed train with direct links from the UK to France and Belgium. The service runs to Paris, Lille and Brussels and runs through the Channel Tunnel from King’s Cross St. Pancras in London since moving from London Waterloo in 2007. Part of the beauty of the Eurostar is the ability to travel from city centre to city centre, enabling you to begin your holiday or business meeting as soon as you arrive. With quick changes in Paris, Brussels or Lille, passengers can reach over 100 European cities by train, and over 150 million have done just that since the service began.

Below you can find information on the running times, Eurostar cheap tickets and Eurostar prices, along with ticket types and best time to book and a downloadable version of the Eurostar timetable.


Planning your Eurostar Trip with GoEuro

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Check out a full list of Eurostar times from London here.

Eurostar Services

While the Eurostar presents a great value way to travel internationally, this is certainly not a budget brand. Many different types of passenger use the service, from holiday-makers and city-breakers to corporate travellers who appreciate being able to get into the centre of town quickly and efficiently, with no need for transfers. With connections in Paris, Brussels or Lille to a multitude of other European cities, it is understandable why thousands of people choose Eurostar departures over flying. The on-board service is similar to a normal train service, with buffet cars and power sockets. You can also choose to take your own food and drinks on with you. There is no need to arrive very early before your journey, as you can check in 30 minutes before your train. Should you wish to arrive with time to spare, there are shops and cafes in the departure lounge and complimentary refreshments in the Business Premier lounge.

Eurostar Tickets

Passengers can opt for Standard or Standard Premier Eurostar tickets, which both include up to two bags of luggage for free, or Business Premier tickets, which includes flexible tickets, dedicated ticket offices, 10 minute check-in and a taxi booking service. There are sometimes special Eurostar booking offers on fares and there are two loyalty programmes available: Eurostar Plus Points for leisure travellers and Eurostar Frequent Traveller for business passengers.

Ticket Types

Eurostar Prices: The cheapest ticket type, the standard ticket, usually sell out the fastest. The morning and evening trains are more expensive, as are holiday evenings and Friday and Sunday afternoons. Booking to travel mid-week is usually the best time to find cheap Eurostar tickets.

Eurostar Booking

Eurostar tickets usually go on sale between 138 and 190 days before departure and purchasing tickets as soon as possible is always best to get cheap Eurostar tickets. The Eurostar works on a seasonal basis, during the summer months between July and September trains go directly to Avignon, while during the winter months between December and April trains usually go direct to ski resorts such as Aime-la-Plagne or Bourg St. Maurice.

If while booking tickets with the Eurostar there is no seat selection option available it may be that the train is full, although passengers can still book a ticket in this way there is no guarantee of a seat. Seats may become available if there is a cancellation or a passenger does not show up for their journey.


Eurostar Travel FAQs

We sent Vicky of to test out the Eurostar experience and help answer some of the common questions travellers have about the Eurostar experience.

What can I take with me on the Eurostar?

"Most reasonable items are allowed as luggage – no gas, firearms, knives, weapons or explosives, but that’s obvious, right?

One of the best things about travelling by Eurostar is the fact that you can take as much as you like, you just need to be able to carry your bags yourself onto the train. It’s brilliant! There’s no frantically pulling your stuff out to make it lighter to suit restrictions, or having to layer up what you’re wearing so you don’t get charged. Two pieces of luggage each as big as you like (including skis) and hand luggage are perfectly fine."

What is the Eurostar check in process?

"One of the best things about travelling from London to Paris on the Eurostar is how straightforward it is to check in. Get to the Eurostar check in gates at least 30 minutes before your scheduled leaving time and you’ll have time to grab a coffee in the waiting room too."

How long does the London to Paris Eurostar journey take?

"The quickest Eurostar journey from London to Paris is 2 hours 30 minutes, how crazy is that?! That’s quicker than getting from London to most places in the UK. Get organised and it’s easy to have a cheeky day in Paris thanks to its speed.

You’ll race along among England’s countryside for a while, may stop briefly at Ebbsfleet depending on your train, and then it’ll go dark as you whizz through the channel tunnel.

I’ve been to Paris five times now on the Eurostar and it’s so relaxing. Try not to fall asleep for the whole journey though as there are some stunning views from the comfort of your seat."

What facilities are available on the Eurostar?

"There’s an entire refreshment carriage on the Eurostar train, complete with opportunities for Champagne, sandwiches, crisps, olives and chocolate. Coffees, chocolat chauds and cups of tea are all available too. Expect to pay around €3 for coffee and €5 for a sandwich.

You can then eat and drink in the refreshment carriage, or take your items back to your seat.

There are power points on the Eurostar in some carriages. Walk up and down to find the points yourself, or ask your train conductor. There is Wi-Fi on some trains, but service is intermittent thanks to the speed and region. You do have a table so if you need to do work, you can."

How do I get to London St. Pancras International to take the Eurostar?

"It’s easy to get to St Pancras International Station on the London Underground. Six different tube lines feed into Kings Cross Station and from here you can get to St Pancras International by walking in just a few minutes. If you’re coming into London via Euston, St. Pancras International is just a few minutes’ walk away.

I’d recommend getting there an hour before, even though the rules are 30 minutes. That way you have some buffer time, and you can pop to some of the shops in St. Pancras to get any supplies you think you’ll need for the journey. Bringing a bottle on the train for the journey is permitted.

After security, show your passport and you’ll get through to the waiting room. Here you’ll find a WHSmith, a Café Nero, and another coffee shop and bar. If you’re already feeling perfectly refreshed there are plenty of sofas and chairs to relax on, and work desks with power points too. You’ll also find toilets in here. "

What's the Eurostar station in Paris like?

"When you arrive at the Gare du Nord, the Eurostar station in Paris, you’ll be right in the centre of the city so it’s easy to get around. The Gare du Nord is also a Metro station, which links you up to lines 4 and 5 underground. You will of course always find taxis outside too. Just make sure the taxi is on the meter or you agree a price beforehand so you both know what’s expected.

Be prepared with your next destination when you get to the station. The Gare du Nord is a busy place and you may feel overwhelmed. When you arrive you’re free to leave the station as you wish, there are no passport or ticket checks."

Do I need to reserve a seat on Eurostar in advance?

"You’ll be allocated a seat when you book. If you’d like to upgrade to the bigger seats, you can at the time of booking. You’ll also be offered the chance before boarding. Look at your ticket and you’ll see your carriage number listed, find that while you’re still outside the train as it’ll be much easier to find. Once you’ve located your carriage, hop in, and you’ll be able to find your seat, easy.

If there are spare seats within your carriage class when you set off you can easily move around so you have more space. Don’t worry about rushing, especially if you get up there as soon as they announce you can. They usually start boarding 30 minutes before it’s due to leave – plenty of time to get settled."

Can I get any extra assistance on the Eurostar?

"If you have any kind of mobility issue, getting the Eurostar is a much better option than flying. The taxi can pull up pretty much right outside St Pancras International, and you walk in the side door to check in. It’s just a short walk into the waiting lounge and I’ve never waited long in the queue for security.

In the waiting room there are plenty of spots to sit down and then, when the time comes for your train to board, which will be announced on the screens and over the tannoy, you just take the escalator up to the train.

There are gender-neutral toilets in every carriage, and disabled toilets in carriages 9 and 10. "

Eurostar Timetable

05:40 London 09:17 Paris
Service Eurostar 9004
06:47 London 10:03 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9110
07:01 London 10:17 Paris
Service Eurostar 9004
07:55 London 11:17 Paris
Service Eurostar 9008
08:04 London 11:05 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9114
08:31 London 11:43 Paris
Service Eurostar 9010
08:55 London 12:08 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9116
09:15 London 11:45 Paris
Service Eurostar 9014
10:24 London 13:47 Paris
Service Eurostar 9019
10:58 London 14:05 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9126
12:24 London 15:47 Paris
Service Eurostar 9024
12:58 London 16:08 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9132
14:22 London 17:47 Paris
Service Eurostar 9032
15:04 London 18:05 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9140
15:31 London 18:47 Paris
Service Eurostar 9036
16:31 London 19:47 Paris
Service Eurostar 9040
17:04 London 20:05 Paris
Service Eurostar 9148
17:31 London 20:47 Paris
Service Eurostar 9044
18:01 London 21:17 Paris
Service Eurostar 9046
18:04 London 21:05 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9152
19:01 London 22:17 Paris
Service Eurostar 9050
19:34 London 22:38 Brussels
Service Eurostar 9158
20:01 London 23:17 Paris
Service Eurostar 9054