Train Stations in The Netherlands

Overview and Information About All National Train Stations

Train Stations in the Netherlands

The Netherlands relies heavily on its rail network for passenger and commuter services. Services are frequent, even on less busy lines. Some of the most busy facilities in the Netherlands include Utrecht Central, Amsterdam Central, Rotterdam Central, The Hague Central, Schiphol Airport Station and Eindhoven Station.

Utrecht Central

Over 285,000 passengers make use of the Utrecht Central station each day, making it the busiest station in the city. Its central location in the country also contributes to its high traffic numbers, with over 900 trains passing through every day. The main operator here is Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the primary railway operator in the Netherlands. Local, national and international services are available from Utrecht Central, offered in the forms of CityNightLine and EuroCityExpress services among others. Many shops, restaurants and cafes are available on-site, as well as luggage lockers and free bicycle storage which is located outside the station, however the world's largest bicycle parking facility is currently being constructed nearby, expected to be completed in 2018.

Amsterdam Central

As the second busiest station in the country, but the most visited national heritage site in the Netherlands, Amsterdam's Central Station serves 260,000 passengers on a daily basis. As well as providing national and international services from NS, the station is also served by a Metro service from GVB. Tram, ferry and bus services are also available from here. The station's central location makes it an excellent gate-way for tourists looking to explore many of the city's main sights. Its striking Gothic/Renaissance Revival style architecture also ensure it is widely regarded as one of the most attractive stations in the country.

The Hague Central

Alongside national and international train services, tram and bus journeys also depart from this station. The train station consists of 10 platforms. Cash points, bicycle parking and a cafe can be found on-site.

Schiphol Airport Railway Station

This 6-platform station is located directly beneath Amsterdam's airport of the same name. National and international services run from here as InterCity Direct, Intercity and Sprinter services. Duea to its connection with the airport many facilities are located in close proximity, including a shopping centre, food outlets, currency exchange services and supermarkets.