How do I know if I need an Interrail Pass?

How do I know if I need an Interrail Pass?

Though it has become far more accessible to visit farther afield with the availability of cheaper flights to destinations outside of the continent, millions of people from the UK still flock to Europe every year to experience all that the continent has to offer! Given the complexity of Europe's train network, buying an interrail pass can often seem like the easiest way to travel around the continent. But how can you be sure that you're actually getting the best deal? Which pass makes the most sense for your specific trip? When are individual train tickets actually cheaper than buying a rail pass? There are no definitive answers to any of these questions but we're here to help you through the decision-making process with our comprehensive guide to buying European rail passes and help you begin your Interrail Europe trip.

Choose between the 2 Interrail Pass types

Global Pass

Discover up to 30 European countries with the simplicity of the global pass.

Interrail Global Pass

Passes with Extras

Pass plus or premium passes available for traveling in italy, spain and Greece.

Passes with Extras

One-Country Pass

Explore one of Interrail's many partner countries with the one-country pass.

Interrail One-Country Pass

Here are a few things you'll want to consider before buying:

  • Your age: Interrail passes makes the most sense for travellers under 25 years old who are planning a longer trip involving many towns and cities in multiple countries
  • Your booking period: As a general rule, the longer you plan to travel, the more likely it is that you’ll save with some kind of Interrail pass especially if you’re last-minute planner (train tickets in Europe can get pretty expensive when you book last-minute)
  • Your travel plan: You’ll also find that Interrailing tickets can be very convenient for exploring off-the-beaten path destinations as you won’t need to reserve seats on regional trains
  • Your seat reservations: When you’re travelling between major cities or on high-speed trains, you’ll usually need to pay additional seat reservation fees on top of the cost of the Interrail Pass

No matter your travel plans, you’ll definitely want to use GoEuro to double check prices for your specific trip to see if you can string together a cheaper itinerary yourself. You can check prices for most train companies 2-4 months in advance of your intended travel date.

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How to choose which Interrail Pass is right for your trip

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2 routes where buying an Interrail Pass will save you money

South to North: Interrail Global Pass

Visit 7 European cities in 6 countries with the Interrail Global Pass starting from £330. Doing this itinerary with an Interrail Global Pass is 9% cheaper than purchasing equivalent point-to-point tickets.

South to North Europe Trip

Travel between 30 European countries with the simplicity of the Interrail Global Pass.

2 Weeks in Spain: Interrail One-Country Pass

Visit 5 cities in Spain with the Interrail One Country Pass starting from £122. If you're booking point-to-point tickets for this route at the last minute, you should consider purchasing a Spanish Interrail pass.

2 Weeks in Spain

Explore one of Interrail's many partner countries with the one-country pass. More Information →

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Not sure if the Interrail pass if right for you? Check out all our other European itineraries and decide for yourself if you're better off buying Interrailing tickets or point-to-point tickets. Our website gives you prices for trains buses & flights in a single search. It's that simple!

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