Cheap train tickets from Bournemouth to Liverpool

The first train leaves Bournemouth for Liverpool just past 05:00 a.m., with the last train leaving a little after 23:00 p.m.Train services are provided through Virgin Trains, CrossCountry, Southwest Trains, and London Midland. There are many peak times throughout the day and it is advised for travellers to check in advance. An average trip takes between 5 and 5.5 hours. However, trains departing after 19:00 p.m. should expect a trip lasting between 9 to 12 hours.


Those who enjoy the outdoors will have plenty to do with the variety of activities available in the seaside town of Bournemouth. Visitors can enjoy picnics at the town's various parks and swim or learn how to surf by Bournemouth beach during the day before heading out for a night out at one of the town's many bars and clubs. Otherwise, the Arts by the Sea Festival can entertain travellers with outdoor performances before they treat their taste buds while taking a Pier to Pier walk from Bournemouth to Boscombe Pier.


Located in the north of England, seaside Liverpool developed into an important British port with its innovative waterfront and docks over the centuries. The city's profitable nautical activities consequently established an elegant commercial district that is now a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors should also tour the nearby Cultural Quarter with its numerous sculptures, monuments, fountains, and captivating civic centers such as the Picton Reading Rooms. Besides its world-class university, the metropolis also attracts a wide array of visitors as the birthplace of the Beatles.

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