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Trains from Manchester to London in 2:07

Trains from Milton Keynes to London in 0:32

Trains from Stoke-on-Trent to London in 1:31

from £22

from £14

from £20

Trains from Bristol to London in 1:37

Trains from Cheltenham to London in 2:09

Trains from Oxford to London in 0:56

from £15

from £13

from £7

Trains from Edinburgh to London in 4:19

Trains from York to London in 1:51

Trains from Leeds to London in 2:13

from £41

from £27

from £14

Trains from Doncaster to London in 1:42

Trains from Sunderland to London in 3:48

Trains from Bradford to London in 3:22

from £14

from £36

from £13

Trains from Northampton to London in 0:58

Trains from Rugby to London in 0:57

Trains from Nuneaton to London in 1:14

from £7

from £6

from £6

Trains from Norwich to London in 1:49

Trains from Ipswich to London in 1:10

Trains from Colchester to London in 0:49

from £9

from £13

from £13

Trains from Southampton to London in 1:19

Trains from Portsmouth to London in 1:31

Trains from Bournemouth to London in 1:58

from £17

from £9

from £11

Trains from Brighton to London in 0:58

Trains from Eastbourne to London in 1:22

Trains from Crawley to London in 0:42

from £8

from £5

from £5

Trains to London: Overview

Must Know London has many railway termini, 8 of which see more than 25 million passengers pass through each year.
Get Around Pick up an Oyster card for cheaper rates of public transport. Deductions are capped at £7.60 for travel in Zones 1-3.

London is easy to reach by train from almost all major European cities. You can catch direct trains from British cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham or Manchester, as well as continental locations that include Paris and Brussels. Indirect connections to cities like Berlin, Barcelona and Milan are also simple to arrange. International trains to London are all operated by Eurostar, and terminate at St Pancras International, just to the north of the city centre. Domestic train services are provided by a range of companies, including Virgin Trains, Southern, East Coast and Great Western Railway. London has a number of major train stations near the centre of town - including Victoria, Waterloo, King's Cross, London Bridge and Liverpool Street. Which one you use depends upon the direction that you are coming from, but all of them are on the underground network and are connected to central destinations via the bus system. In depth travel and visitor information can be seen on the London city guide.

For people wanting to travel to London by train, it can be worth buying a railcard before setting off. These entitle the holder to one third off train tickets on National Rail services. For people regularly planning to take the train to London, the Network Railcard is valid for people of any age to travel in the London and Network South East region. However, these are just one way to ensure you save money, there are other steps you can follow in order to book cheap train tickets.

For onward travel to London's Airports and further afield, non-stop services are provided by Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect and Stansted Express. Apart from these, trains run frequently to all the airports. For further information on the exact frequency: Train Times in the UK.


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Local Time 05:27
£ Pound Sterling
Population 7,500,000
Region Greater London
Languages English

How expensive is London?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in London costs 23.5% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in London are on average 18.4% higher than in the other cities in United Kingdom.

Public Transport

Public transport in London costs around 16.6% more than national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in London is about 70.3% more expensive on average than in the rest ofUnited Kingdom.

Arriving in London

London has a seemingly endless variety of things to see and do. There are art galleries like the Tate, the National Gallery and Somerset House. There are museums dedicated to science, natural history and ancient history, as well as a choice of theatres in the West End. Then there are famous historical sights like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London or Big Ben. When night falls, London is a music and clubbing hotspot, with clubs that stay open until the sun rises. It is also a sporting centre, being home to Premier League football teams like Spurs, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and Chelsea, as well as Wembley - the English national stadium. London is also one of Europe's great shopping centres - with the boutiques in districts like Soho, exclusive stores like Harrods in Knightsbridge, and the fashion outlets that line Oxford Street.

If you're planning to stay in London for a while, or even if you're just there for a short break, there are plenty of places in the surrounding areas that make for great day trips from London.

Visitors to London who are planning to spend a few late nights out and about in the capital should consider some of these late night london offerings. Now with the Night Tube running, London trains are on hand around the clock.

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Trains to London

via Sheffield Doncaster London Kings Cross
duration: 02:18 hrs
first: 10:10
last: 10:10
earliest: 12:28
last: 12:28
  • Sheffield
  • Doncaster
  • London Kings Cross


18/01/2016 10:10 - 12:28 £16.95
via Lincoln Central Newark Castle Newark North Gate London Kings Cross
duration: 03:25 hrs
first: 21:40
last: 21:40
earliest: 01:05
last: 01:05
  • Lincoln Central
  • Newark Castle
  • Newark North Gate
  • London Kings Cross


20/11/2015 21:40 - 01:05 £14.21
via Leeds Railway Station London Kings Cross
duration: 02:13 hrs
first: 08:40
last: 08:17
earliest: 10:53
last: 10:35
  • Leeds Railway Station
  • London Kings Cross


14/11/2015 08:40 - 10:53 £63.39
14/11/2015 20:05 - 22:25 £39.55
17/11/2015 11:15 - 13:28 £28.81
17/11/2015 11:15 - 13:28 £28.99
09/12/2015 08:17 - 10:35 £91.60