Cheap Train Tickets to Manchester

Trains to Manchester: Overview

Travelling to Manchester is fast and simple, most train routes offering direct services. The main train provider serving routes to Manchester is Virgin East Coast. During week days from London trains run about hourly. There are also other cities with direct links to Manchester such as Bristol, Liverpool and Preston.


Major companies and train routes to Manchester

Company Route Price
Virgin Trains
  • From£20
  • From£21
  • From£9
  • From£32
  • From£25
  • From£28
  • From£3
  • From£4
  • From£4

Arriving to Manchester from cities in the UK


Which train companies travel to Manchester? Virgin East Coast is the main provider for trains to Manchester and is the only direct and regular train thar departs from London to Manchester. Northern and CrossCountry also serve routes to Manchester.

Tips for cheap train tickets to Manchester


How can travellers save on train tickets? The best way to make savings on train tickets to Manchester is to book at least a few weeks in advance, or look out for deals and offers from providers. Using a railcard will also save travellers a third off rail tickets.

Getting to Manchester city centre


How easy is it to get to Manchester city centre from the station?Manchester Piccadilly is the main railway station of Manchester city. It is the fourth busiest station in the UK is well connected via the rail network and offers easy access to every part of the country.

It is easy to get to the city centre via public transport by buses and the Metrolink tram system. Travellers can also walk to the city centre from the station which takes just 10 minutes. There are also taxis available from outside the train station.

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Local Time 17:54
Pound Sterling £
Population 395,500
Region North West England
Languages English

How expensive is Manchester?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Manchester costs 8.6% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Manchester are on average 2% lower than in the other cities in the United Kingdom.

Public Transport

Public transport in Manchester costs around 18.9% more than the national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Manchester is about 2.9% less expensive on average than in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Trains to Manchester

via Swansea Manchester Piccadilly
duration: 04:15 hrs
first: 09:55
last: 12:00
earliest: 14:15
last: 16:15
  • Swansea
  • Manchester Piccadilly


11/05/2016 09:55 - 14:15 £84.12
12/05/2016 11:55 - 16:15 £32.65
13/05/2016 08:53 - 13:15 £45.69
18/05/2016 08:53 - 13:15 £33.19
19/05/2016 09:55 - 14:15 £33.18
26/05/2016 11:55 - 16:15 £25.57
04/06/2016 12:00 - 16:15 £33.40
via Liverpool Lime Street Manchester Oxford Road
duration: 00:40 hrs
first: 09:16
last: 09:52
earliest: 09:56
last: 10:39
  • Liverpool Lime Street
  • Manchester Oxford Road


13/11/2015 09:16 - 09:56 £3.63
14/11/2015 08:22 - 09:05 £4.97
27/11/2015 09:52 - 10:39 £8.51
via Sunderland Newcastle Manchester Victoria
duration: 03:03 hrs
first: 09:30
last: 10:30
earliest: 12:33
last: 13:33
  • Sunderland
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester Victoria


18/05/2016 09:30 - 12:33 £32.85
21/05/2016 08:30 - 11:33 £32.64
24/05/2016 10:30 - 13:33 £29.38