Travel Superstitions Poll

The Superstitions In Travel Poll is available in several languages:

In anticipation of Friday the 13th, we ran a poll to see how superstitious Europeans are when it comes to travel.

Here are our results; margin of error of +/- 3%.

The Results

Do you have any superstition when it comes to travelling?

We found certain superstitions more common dependent on nationality.

Belgians are the most superstitious travellers, with 40% of respondents answering yes to the question "Do you have any superstitions when it comes to travelling?

Portuguese and Germans are the least superstitious travellers, with only 9%, and 10% respectively responding positively to the question.

Do you sit on certain sides of planes/trains/buses?

At 39% of respondents, British travellers are the most superstitious about sitting on certain sides of planes, trains or buses. Conversely, only 20% of Austrian people pay attention to the side of their transport.

Do you avoid specific rows/seats (13, 17, 4, etc)?

Superstitions around numbers, especially 13, are well known. This is why certain travellers avoid specific rows or seats and this is particulary the case for the Belgians, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

Do you always wear a certain item of clothing?

25% of Swiss and Belgians always wear a certain item of clothing while travelling.