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About Bordeaux

Bordeaux is famous for being the centre of the well-known wine region. However, with its elegant buildings, public gardens and cacophony of galleries and museums it's also a city of culture and creativity. Once home to the wealthy and refined, contemporary Bordeaux has adopted a more casual vibe. Visit the St Pierre district to admire the cities medieval heritage that contrasts vibrantly with the modern clubs and bars, or wander through the bustling Capucins market for some tasty food. A long stroll along the river offers the perfect excuse to duck into a bar for a drink, or try wine-tasting at one of the rural vineyards.

Host City of the UEFA EURO 2016

The European Football Championship takes place this year in France. In 10 stadiums the matches will be played to Europe's football crown and GoEuro shows the best route to each game. Bordeaux is one of the host cities for the UEFA EURO 2016.

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Local Time 19:49
Population 231,800
Region Aquitaine
Languages French

How expensive is Bordeaux?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Bordeaux costs 11.2% less than in Paris.


Prices in Bordeaux are on average 9.1% lower than in Paris.

Public Transport

Public transport in Bordeaux costs around the same price as in Paris

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Bordeaux is about 17.1% less expensive than in Paris.

Arriving in Bordeaux

If you’re travelling to Bordeaux by air, Aéroport de Bordeaux Mérignac is situated 8km from the centre and can be reached via a non-stop shuttle bus. Gare de Bordeaux Saint-Jean is 10 minutes from the centre and trains from Paris take 3 hours. There is also a tram and bus system running between 5am and 1am that connects all areas of the city to the centre.

Travelling around Bordeaux

The city centre is pedestrian friendly so exploring by foot is easy if you have the time. Bordeaux's tram system is efficient and inexpensive and there are various buses and a ferry service that link the different sides of the city. Driving in the centre is not recommended but exploring the outer districts and countryside is best done by car or coach. Bordeaux is ideal for cycling as it is flat and has a great bike rental system.

UEFA EURO 2016 Host City

This stadium was a new build for the tournament, starting construction in 2012. Since its opening in 2015 it's the new home of Girondins Bordeaux. Beside football it will host rugby matches and concerts. The stadium was designed by the same architects who designed the Allianz Arena in Munich and the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

Stade de france

How to get there:

  • TRAM: Parc des Expositions: line C Berges de la Garonne: line B
  • CAR: Take the ring road of Bordeaux A630, then exit 4 (Parc des Expositions)
  • TAXI: The journey from the city centre takes 25 minutes and costs 20,10€ during the day and 25,80€ during the night Address: Cours Jules Ladoumegue, 33300 Bordeaux

Matches in Bordeaux

11 June 2016 18:00 Wales v Slovakia
14 June 2016 18:00 Austria v Hungary
18 June 2016 15:00 Belgium v Ireland
21 June 2016 21:00 Croatia v Spain
2 July 2016 21:00 Winner of Match 41 v Winner of Match 43

Other Host Cities of the UEFA EURO 2016

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