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About Ryanair

Ryanair flights operate in 30 different countries with services to and from over 180 airports. This includes domestic flights as well as international flights across Europe and North Africa. Their largest hub is London Stansted, and their other major hub can be found at Dublin Airport. Ryanair uses a point to point strategy for operating flights and does not offer connecting flights to destinations. While many places they fly to include major and popular cities, cheap flights from Ryanair are often secured by flying to smaller airports near to or within the range of these cities. However, some major Ryanair departure airports include Berlin Schönefeld, Barcelona El Prat, London Gatwick, Athens, Brussels Zaventem, and Rome-Fiumicino. From the 69 bases across Europe over 1,600 Ryanair flights are operated each day. In 2014, Ryanair calculated that over 87 million passengers flew with them.

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Where can I go with Ryanair?

Popular Ryanair routes within the UK and Europe

Although Ryanair is acclaimed for cheap flights to Europe the airline also offers domestic flights within the UK. Ryanair's major hub is located at London Stansted, from here you can hop on an internal flight to several UK destinations.

Flights to Manchester From £29.99
Flights to Edinburgh From £24.49
Flights to Derry From £19.99
Flights to Belfast From £15.00
Flights to Glagow From £5.00
Flights to London Stansted From £10.00

European Ryanair Routes

Flights to Berlin From £11.00
Flights to Brussels From £7:00
Flights to Budapest From £15.00
Flights to Amsterdam From £24.00
Flights to Vienna From £25.00
Flights to Dublin From £13.00
Flights to Paris From £15.00
Flights to Copenhagen From £21.00
Flights to Vienna From £18.00

FAQ - Tickets, Services and Further Information

Ryanair Tickets

Phone: +3531520444004

Online via the Ryanair website, or to compare different modes check out GoEuro

Ryanair ticket types

  • Ryanair Regular Fare: Cheap tickets available through booking in advance. Free 10kg cabin bag and a small bag.

  • Ryanair Leisure Plus: Slightly more expensive, lowest fare guranteed, free 10kg cabin bag and a small bag, free priority boarding, free reserved seat (mid/rear cabin), 30 day check-in, free 20kg check-in bag.

  • Ryanair Business Plus: Very similiar to Ryanair's Leisure Plus fare, but with free security fast track, flexible tickets (previous/next day) and dedicated Ryanair Buisness Plus desk.

  • Children under the age of 2 years old can travel for £20 assuming they can sit on an adults lap.

Services With Ryanair

What are services available for Disabled Passengers?

  • How far in advance do I need to to book airport special assistance? Ryanair recommends that you book these services when you book your flight. You can choose to pre-book special assistance up to 48 hours before departure.

  • How do I contact Ryanair if special assitance is needed? If you've already booked your flight the best option is to contact Ryanair on their dedicated number at 0330 100 7839 if calling from the UK. You can receive more information on their special assistance page.

  • Can I bring a guide/assistance dog onboard a Ryanair flight? Ryanair accepts guide and assistance dogs on all Ryanair flights both domestically and within the EU/EEA. However, on flights to Israel and Morocco, animals are not allowed on the flight.

Baggage Allowences with Ryanair

How much Baggage can I book with Ryanair?

  • Hand baggage: 1 piece of hand baggage up to 10kg in weight with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm for free. Plus 1 small bag, 35cm x 20cm x 20cm, free of charge.

  • Checked baggage:You can choose to book baggage weighing 15kg or 20kg. In total, one passenger can book up to three 20kg bags each way.

  • What if I need to book special baggage? If you need to carry special baggage for your jounrey, such as sports equipment, you have the option to book this baggage while making your booking.

Ryanair Compensation

Ryanair Flight Compensation

  • Flights to or from EU countries are protected by Denied Boarding Regulations. This is the act that will help compensate you for delays and cancellations. These range from 125 to 600 Euro, depending on the length of the journey and how long a passenger is made to wait. Airlines are well aware of these responsibilities, but be aware that if you don’t complain you stand less of a chance of being reimbursed. Learn more about your flight compensation rights.

Ryanair Check-in Information

How can I avoid unexpected fees?

  • It is only possible to check in online with Ryanair; from 15 days to 4 hours before the point of departure. Ensure you print out of your own boarding pass, otherwise, a hefty fee of £70 will be headed your​ way!
  • Ensure you have no liquids above 100ml; they will be confiscated. In the same vein, the prices onboard an easy flight can be extortionate so it is advised to purchase essential items like water or snacks at duty-free.

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