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Trains in Italy
About Trenitalia

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About Trenitalia

Trenitalia is Italy's main train operator. It is government owned and was created in 2000. Its long distance trains are FRECCE (or arrows) and Intercity trains. The FRECCE trains connect major cities, some travelling at up to 360 km/h. Intercity and night trains are slower, but cheaper. Trenitalia offers a first and second-class service on its long distance trains. In 2012, Trenitalia's high-speed trains carried 38.9 million passengers.

Italy by train: The cheapest connections

One of the easiest ways to travel through Italy is to travel by train. Therefore, at GoEuro, we compiled a list of the cheapest routes to travel Italy by train. It includes very appealing and affordable prices; such as the Roma Napoli train for just over €12.

Trenitalia Popular Routes

Trains from Milan to Turin
Trains from Venice to Rome
Trains from Florence to Vernazza
Trains from Bologna to Naples


Trenitalia: Ticket Types

All Trenitalia tickets are offered as singles or return. Pre-purchasing Trenitalia tickets online and in advance often allows passengers to take advantage of further discounts and promotions.

Biglietto Base

Perfect for those wanting flexibility; ticket of this type can be changed as many times as the customer needs.

Economy Tickets

These tickets can be purchased up to two days before departure, they have a certain amount of flexibility, the time and date of travel can be changed just once.

Super Economy

These tickets are the cheapest, although the date and time of travel cannot be changed.

Popular destinations in Italy


Trenitalia Types of Train Tickets

The main Italian railway company has different types of trains at your service, which vary depending on the speed and the area in which they operate. Trenitalia has 3 high-speed trains, called Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca, of conventional, night and regional trains

Frecciarossa is the main train of the Italian high speed. With a speed of 300 km / h makes a total of 87 trips by train a day, the most important being the one from Rome to Milan.
Frecciargento is the second Trenitalia high-speed train with an average of 250 km / h and 57 trips per day. Most of these trains depart from Rome and reach the main cities of the peninsula.
Frecciabianca is the third of the "arrows" of Trenitalia. Although it circulates at less speed than the other 3, it has a total of 86 daily commutes, always with Rome and Milan as starting points.
Intercity is the Trenitalia convecional train and connects a total of 200 Italian cities. IntercityNotte connects the same cities as the normal Intercity but at night. Trenes regionales trains These trains are used mostly in the local area, usually in cities that neither the Freccie nor the InterCity reach.

Trenitalia FAQs

  • What facilities are available with Trenitalia? There are power outlets, wifi, refreshments, toilets and you can reserve seats on Trenitalia trains. All Trenitalia trains are equipped to store bikes for free.
  • Can I take a bike on a Trenitalia train? All Trenitalia trains are equipped to store bikes free of charge, providing they are disassembled and placed in a bag. The bike must not exceed 80x110x40 in size.
  • Can I take pets on a Trenitalia train? The transportation of cats or other small animals not exceeding 70x30x50 are permitted on all Trenitalia services. Dogs on leashes are permitted on some regional services at off-peak times.
  • How much luggage can I take on a Trenitalia train? Providing there is room, and it is not disruptive to fellow passengers, all baggage is free and unlimited on Trenitalia services.

High-Speed Train Network in Europe

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