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Travelling by train in Europe is an increasingly popular way to get around. It's greener than flying around, quite often quicker than getting to the airport and then catching a flight, less stressful than hiring and driving a car and a great way to see landscapes that you would never usually notice. Plus with the popular interrail holidays it makes perfect sense to put all the most popular destinations to travel by train in one place.

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Cheap European train tickets; saving money and the planet

Reduce your carbon footprint and save some time and pennies with these popular train jouneys in Europe.

We've worked out the most popular routes across Europe are the most eco-friendly by calculating the amount of carbon emissions that can be saved if you travel by train instead of flying to your destination. These 15 routes are some of the most popular in Europe, so if you're looking for a short break this spring time, these destinations are both better for the environment and will get you to your destination faster.

Interestingly, one of the most popular journeys in the UK - London to Manchester - is more than an hour shorter on the train in comparison to travelling by plane, as well as saving 110kg in carbon emissions.

GoEuro’s research was conducted by considering travel time from the city center to the airport and back using public transport, check-in times recommended from each airport, and the duration of the flight itself.

Ecopassenger then compared the average load factor of the rail journey with typical planes for EU flights, the average passenger capacity of each route, and the CO² emissions as well as energy consumption for each route.

Download the full GoEuro Earth Day study
¹ Liter fuel energy equivalent and energy consumed in the production and distribution of electricity/fuel
Source: Fuel and Carbon dioxide consumption are taken from Ecopassenger
Travel times for trains and flights were taken and compared from GoEuro data on 26/04/2017

Scenic European train routes

Europe is blessed with an extremely comprehensive rail network, meaning exploring the continent by train is as simple as it gets. Whats more is given the history of these train tracks, they often pass through extremely beautiful landscapes in the Alps or directly through forests. Why not kill two birds with one stone and witness the beautiful European scenery without having to step off the train? Below are just some of the highlights.

There are 2 main routes if you're looking for scenic train journeys in Austria; the Albergline in the west, and Semmering Bahn which is concentrated in the east. The Albergline route is found in Tyrol in the Austrian Apls and goes between Innsbruck and Bludenz, just on the border of Switzerland. Keep an eye our for the Trisanna-Bridge, one of the locations on-route where you can really take advantage of the height and bar witness to some truly spectacular panoramic views of the Tyrolian Alps. The Semmering bahn, which runs from Wiener Neustadt to Bruck an der Mur, holds the accolade of being named the first railway to be named a UNESCO world heritage site.

If quinessential German beauty is what you're after, then look no fruther than the Rhine Valley Line scenic train which plies along Koblenz to the charming city of Mainz in the west of Germany. With a duration hovering around the hour mark, the lush scenery is only interrupted by a few tunnels and the route will only set you back around £15. The area is also known as the German wine country, so don't miss out on the copious vineyards on route. Additionally, we have the Black Forest Line passing directly through the Bavarian mountain range.

Hugging the border between Switzerland and Italy, you'll find the Centovalli Railway and Bernina Express; both considered to amongst the most spectacular rail lines in Europe. The former mainly concentrated in the very north of Italy and just dipping into Locarno, in Switzerland, is famed for its Roman antiques and vast lake. The Bernina Express, is for lovers of picturesque bridges and viaducts. It is also one of the longer scenic train routes taking 4 hours to complete. It also runs through a UNESCO World Heritage site, so thats pretty good too.

Other train routes across Europe

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Further facilities and services may vary according to the transport company and country of operation.

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