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Travelling across the UK by train is the preferred and most convenient method of travel for a large majority of the population. However, you’d be forgiven for being slightly aghast at some of the prices you may be confronted with. Salvation is here; there are some handy tips and tricks to ensure you get the cheapest train tickets possible.

Not only that, we’ve thrown in some research to back up some of our claims to make the decision process that little bit easier. Below, we have outlined some great ways you can start getting the cheapest train tickets now: Search, book and buy cheap train tickets today.

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Cheap train tickets FAQ: Tickets Types

When to travel by train can be a somewhat baffling idea to approach, with all the different ticket types and consequential extra fines if these are not adhered to. The ticket types below will shed a little light on why passengers should avoid travelling during peak times and how this can help you purchase cheap train Tickets.

How to Receive Your Train Tickets

Once you've decided on the right train ticket fare for you, and you've purchased your tickets, you need to collect your train tickets.

  • One of the simpler options are the mobile tickets which are available on a select few train providers with GoEuro. With these, you can keep your ticket on your phone. You can see if your tickets are available on mobile during the booking phase.
  • If your ticket is not mobile, you need to pick up your train tickets from either the service desk or a self-service ticket machine. To do this you need to select 'Collect Tickets' on the machine menu and enter your booking reference number that you received in your confirmation email. You also need the same card that you used to purchase your tickets.
  • You're ready to travel!

What about Travelling on Bank Holidays?

Network Rail complete a lot of their improvement works during the holiday periods as not so many people are travelling to work. Most of the time trains will go through certain stations at a slower speed or there will be less trains departing during bank holidays. Occasionally passengers will have to board a replacement bus service to complete their journeys, although this is at no further cost to travellers. For all planned engineering works, click here.

What are the Differences of First and Second Class?

Depending on the rail provider passengers are travelling with, there can be a lot of advantages of purchasing a first class ticket.

  • If passengers are on a long distance journey there is often an at-seat meal option for passengers, as well as complimentary refreshments.
  • Most train companies provide their customers with tables with power sockets as well as complimentary magazines and newspapers. Something a little different, Grand Central have board games in their first class carriges to keep all ages entertained during the journey.
  • Passengers can also use the first class lounges to wait before their train, which are usually at any of the larger train depots across the country.
  • The advantage of travelling second class is that it is, of course, less expensive. Passengers can book seats with some providers which are gaurenteed for their section of the journey.
  • There are refreshments available for passengers in second class, sometimes in a trolly, sometimes there is a dedicated cafe.

When Should I Travel to get the Cheapest Train Tickets?

Using our very own data, we have compiled the average train ticket prices based on day of the week to make it easier for travellers to get places affordably throughout the UK.

- The table displayed above has been collected from internal GoEuro data and was taken and compared in 2016.

- Currency was converted from Euros to GDP on 16/10/2017.

The table above clearly illustrates, based on GoEuro's average prices, that there is a difference in price depending on which day of the week you travel on. The findings highlight:

  • The cheapest days of the week to travel are Wednesday's and Saturday's.
  • The day of the week with the most expensive average train tickets is a Friday.

How Can I Get Cheaper Train Tickets with a Railcard?

Railcards are cards issued by National Rail that, in many cases, save cardholders 1/3 off train tickets (officially 34% to the nearest £0.05). They must usually be carried during the journey in order for any discounts to be considered valid. The purchase of a Railcard also gets you discounts on a whole host of things, from restaurant deals to plusbus savings, as National Rail have secured deals from select partners. Railcards are devised to ensure that the majority of the population can benefit from owning such cards; which include 16-25 Railcards, Senior Railcards, Two Together Railcard, Family and Friends Railcard and Disabled Persons Railcard. For more information about purchasing railcards visit, the official website. Below we have also listed how much a railcard could save you on average for some of the top train routes in the UK.

Annual Price Legibility Annual Savings
£30 Those travelling with children aged 5-15 £130
£30 Ages 16-26 or mature students aged 16+ in full time education £187
£30 Two named people travelling together £130
£30 £118
£20 Disability that makes travelling by train difficult £123
£30 Those travelling in the South East £196

Train Providers and Facilities

The UK train network can be a tricky system to navigate, it can be hard to figure out what you can take with you on board, if your little puppy can come with you, or if you need to reserve a seat for the kids. So, we've put together a list of all the rail providers that operate across the UK so you can easily see what you can and can't do before you get aboard.

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