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renfe£ 25
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How to Travel from Barcelona to Madrid

It is possible to make a direct journey between the two cities by plane train or bus. Journey times are between 3.5 and 9 hours approximately. Travelling by train is the quickest route, as although actual flight times are short, journey times to and from airports and security checks add to the time taken when flying. The slowest journey time between the two cities is by bus.

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What is the best way to travel from Barcelona to Madrid?

Cheapest way to travel from Barcelona to Madrid


Buses are definitely the cheapest option for travel from Barcelona to Madrid, however, it’s also the slowest by some distance. ALSA operates a route from Barcelona which takes around 7.5 hours to reach Madrid. Buses leave from Barcelona Nord Coach Station, arriving at Madrid Intercambiador Avenida de America. There are around 16 departures a day, seven days a week.

Fastest way to travel from Barcelona to Madrid


The Spanish provider RENFE operates its high-speed AVE route between the two cities, leaving from Barcelona Sants Train Station and arriving at Madrid Puerta de Atocha. There is at least one departure an hour throughout the day, seven days a week. The journey time is approximately 3 hours. There are also two slower early morning trains which take around 9 hours. When Check-In and Journeys to and from the airport are included, the train proves the quickest option between the two cities.

Most popular way to travel from Barcelona to Madrid


The total flight time between Barcelona Prat Airport and Madrid Barajas Airport is around 1 hour 15 mins, with three airlines offering a direct service, seven days a week. Iberia has 7 departures a day, Vueling and Air Europa have 3 departures each. The frequency of departures and low cost of the flights mean that they remain a popular choice.

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