8 Coach Journeys in the UK that are Cheaper (and Quicker) than Taking the train

While it's easy to stick with what we know, and book the same train ticket for the same journey all the time, more often than not it pays off to spend a few seconds quickly comparing your options before booking your next trip. You can make some serious savings on journeys that are just as fast, if not quicker by coach.

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Travel from Coventry to Peterborough

There aren't direct trains between Coventry and Peterborough and despite not seeming that far apart on a map it's a journey that takes over 2 hours. While you might only save 5 minutes taking a coach, more important is that you may save 65% on the cost of tickets when you go by bus, definitely worth knowing!

Journey Duration -   Train: 02:10     Bus: 02:05

from £15* Bus Price

from £44*
Train Price

Potential Saving: 65%

Travel from Exeter to Plymouth

The journey between Devon's county town and it's biggest city takes just an hour and five minutes by bus - 10 minutes faster than by train. Coach tickets between the two places also only cost a third of the price of train tickets for the equivalent journey.

Journey Duration -   Train: 01:16     Bus: 01:05

from £2* Bus Price

from £5*
Train Price

Potential Saving: 60%

Travel from Leeds to Nottingham

Getting from Leeds to Nottingham by bus is already a whole 15 minutes quicker than by train. However that's not even the most shocking aspect - going by bus can potentially result in a whopping saving of 49% when compared to a train ticket. 2 of you could go by bus for the price of 1 train ticket!

Journey Duration -   Train: 01:55     Bus: 01:39

from £4* Bus Price

from £8*
Train Price

Potential Saving: 49%

Travel from Newcastle to Middlesbrough

Getting between these two towns in the North East takes an hour and a half by train - you can shave 10 minutes off the journey by taking the bus. Travelling by bus also saves you nearly half of the cost on this route, it's definitely worth comparing the two before your journey in this case.

Journey Duration -   Train: 01:20     Bus: 01:10

from £7* Bus Price

from £12*
Train Price

Potential Saving: 44%

Travel from Sheffield to Leeds

It can sometimes be an hour by train between these two Yorkshire powerhouses (if you take the regional Northern rail services). However, it's just 55 minutes by bus and is 40% cheaper, a huge saving not to be ignored.

Journey Duration -   Train: 00:59     Bus: 00:55

from £3* Bus Price

from £5*
Train Price

Potential Saving: 40%

Travel from Newquay to Plymouth

Getting from Cornwall's famous seaside resort to Plymouth isn't always the most straightforward journey by train. A direct bus can be 4 to 5 minutes quicker and saves 40% on travel costs - there's no doubt what the better option is on this route.

Journey Duration -   Train: 01:44     Bus: 01:40

from £6* Bus Price

from £10*
Train Price

Percentage Saved: 40%

Travel from Cardiff to Bristol

The journey between the Welsh capital and Bristol can be managed in an hour by bus, shaving 20 minutes off the time it takes by train. Not only that, it's also a few pounds cheaper - this one's a no brainer!

Journey Duration -   Train: 01:23     Bus: 01:00

from £7* Bus Price

from £10*
Train Price

Potential Saving: 30%

Travel from Manchester to Chester

Both buses and trains take around an hour and a quarter to cover distance between England's disputed second city and one of it's most picturesque ones. You can save around a quarter the cost of a train ticket when going by bus on this route - quids in!

Journey Duration -   Train: 01:16     Bus: 01:15

from £8* Bus Price

from £11*
Train Price

Potential Saving: 27%

*All prices are rounded to the nearest pound. Lowest prices were taken from ticket prices on a sample of travel dates on GoEuro. Prices do not include booking fees. Prices may vary on depending on availability, travel dates, time of booking, and promotional periods.

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