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With over 2,000 city break destinations to choose from you might think, well, where do I even start? At GoEuro our goal is to make travel easy and we wanted to help undecided travellers find the best destinations. We decided to team up with HomeToGo and combine the most important elements of a city break to create the ultimate guide. Each city has been ranked on the following criteria: day activities, nightlife, accommodation, food and drink, and transport.

By carefully examining and combining the various criteria, 100 top city breaks stood out ahead of all the others. We went further and identified the 10 best in five different categories as well as the most convenient city breaks for Brits looking to travel abroad. Finally, you can find a calendar of events for 2018 with the best suggestions of where to go in each month. Click the icons below and start planning.

Top 100 City Breaks
Top 3 City Breaks for Brits
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What are the results of the City Break Index?

But what do people look for during a city break? We believe that depends on the individual. This study ranked the top 100 city break destinations into five categories: day activities, nightlife, food and drink, accommodation and public transport. The best combination of these deciding factors resulted in the overall best city break destination of 2017 - Barcelona.

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Top 100 City Breaks

Feel free to customise your ideal city break destination using the table below. You can click on each category and sort the ranking however you like to start planning your next city break.

The total score per city is based on a total of 100 points. Take a look at the sources below.

Top 3 City Breaks for Brits

What are our suggestions? Based on internal GoEuro data, we selected the top 3 city break destinations based on low prices and overall popularity. To no surprise, we discovered that Lisbon (chosen twice in 2016 as our destination of the month) topped the list.

Budapest has also become more popular with British tourists, receiving 5-star destination reviews, no wonder it’s one of the most popular city break choices for 2017. And finally, who doesn’t dream of a few days in the south of France? Marseille remains a popular destination with British tourists. Why? With frequent low-cost airlines flying from the UK to Marseille, the UK public cannot help but take advantage of these low fares.

Day Activities : 2.9
Nightlife : 4.0
Accommodation : 4.2
Food & Drinks : 3.0
Transportation : 2.0

Day Activities : 2.7
Nightlife : 4.1
Accommodation : 5.0
Food & Drinks : 2.7
Transportation : 3.1

Day Activities : 1.5
Nightlife : 3.3
Accommodation : 3.9
Food & Drinks : 1.8
Transportation : 1.4

Top 10 City Breaks: Attractions and Activities

#1 Attractions and Activities: London

City breaks are the perfect time to get cultured. Are sightseeing and museum hopping at the top of your list? Then look no further. This study researched which city break destination offered the most activities from tours to attractions and shopping opportunities.

Scoring full points, London grabs the top spot as the best mini-break destination. Whether you want to indulge in cultural attractions or take part in some shopping, London is the mini-break for you. Paris comes in at a close second because the city has slightly fewer attractions. However, there is no lack of activities in the City of Light. Paris’ architecturally beautiful shopping galleries such as Galeries Lafayette, famous art galleries and world-famous landmarks ensure no tourist is ever bored when visiting the city.

Rank City Rating out of 5
1 London 5
2 Paris 4.9
3 Rome 4.8
4 Prague 4.7
5 Barcelona 4.6
6 Istanbul 4.3
7 Moscow 4.1
8 Madrid 3.9
9 Berlin 3.6
10 St. Petersburg 3.6

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Top 10 City Breaks: Nightlife

Rank City Rating out of 5
1 Berlin 5
2 Krakow 4.9
3 Barcelona 4.8
4 Kiev 4.7
5 Madrid 4.6
6 Sarajevo 4.5
7 Seville 4.5
8 Valencia 4.5
9 Wrocław 4.4
10 Coimbra 4.3
#1 Nightlife: Berlin

Night owls are spoilt for choice with Europe's array of city break destinations with an eccentric nightlife. But when push comes to shove, which cities top the list for nightlife? The results were built upon the number of bar/clubs in each city break destination, compared with the time of last orders and the average price of a beer.

Berlin offers over 500 nightlife venues for visitors to indulge in. With 24-hour bars/clubs and an average beer costing less than a fiver it’s no wonder Brits love taking a mini-break to the German capital. Although Krakow’s nightlife scene has a limited choice in venues, the bars never close if there are people inside. If you’re looking for a midnight snack while out on the town, head to ‘Kiełbaski z Nyski’ - a legendary old car which sells the best sausages in town!

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Top 10 City Breaks: Best Value Accommodation

#1 Best Value Accommodation: Kiev

Plenty of city break deals come as inclusive flight and hotel packages. But did you know that by booking your own transport and accommodation you'll find more flexibility with your trip and can save some extra cash?

Accommodation prices and availability are often deciding factors for choosing a city break destination. Even for a short city break, most travellers don’t want to fork out a fortune on a place to stay.

Prices for accommodation depend on the destination’s popularity, price and the amount of accommodation available. This is why you don't see big capitals such as London on the list.

Rank City Rating out of 5
1 Kiev 5
2 Zagreb 5
3 Budapest 5
4 Siena 5
5 Sarajevo 4.9
6 Coimbra 4.9
7 Pilsen 4.6
8 Riga 4.5
9 Sofia 4.5
10 Bucharest 4.3

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Top 10 City Breaks: Food and Drinks

Rank City Rating out of 5
1 Barcelona 5
2 Madrid 5
3 Paris 4.9
4 Rome 4.9
5 London 4.8
6 Istanbul 4.6
7 Berlin 4.6
8 Milan 4.1
9 Prague 4
10 Lisbon 3
#1 Food and Drinks: Barcelona

The majority of us like to spoil ourselves with glorious dishes when we’re on holiday. With so many cuisines across Europe to choose from, picking the best short city break destination for food and drink can be tough.

We calculated the average cost and quality of a meal in each city break destination. Barcelona and Madrid, Spain's two largest cities, top our list as the best city break destination for food and drinks. What does that tell us about city breakers? That fresh tapas and sweet sangria are favoured among tourists.

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Top 10 City Breaks: Public Transportation

#1 Public Transportation: Bucharest

Transport often comes as an unexpected cost when planning a city break. If you want to minimise spending costs, avoid popular short city break destinations such as Venice and Zurich. If you’re after a cheap city break, why not consider exploring Europe’s Eastern capitals?

Topping our list for cheap city breaks for public transport is Bucharest where the average taxi rate is 55p per kilometre. A one way ticket on Kiev’s public transport costs just 0.14p per journey. Not only is the Ukraine capital hosting EuroVision 2017, but it’s home to wondrous structures and an incredible history.

Rank City Rating out of 5
1 Bucharest 5
2 Sofia 5
3 Kiev 4.9
4 Sarajevo 4.9
5 Gdansk 4.2
6 Wrocław 4
7 Krakow 3.9
8 Istanbul 3.8
9 Pilsen 3.7
10 Antalya 3.6

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Top Monthly Events in Popular City Break Destinations 2017



The criteria used to weigh and classify cities in each country are as follows in order of importance: Nightlife: Based on the approximate number of bars/clubs, their closing time and the average beer price. All the information was gathered from the GoEuro Beer Price Index, TripAdvisor, ResidentAdvisor, TimeOut, The Culture Trip, Numbeo, Telegraph and tourism board websites.

Day Activities: Includes the approximate amount of activities and clothing shops along with the average shopping price, taking into consideration the average price between one pair of jeans and one summer dress in a chain store, based on Tripadvisor and Numbeo data.

Food and Drinks: Average price between a meal in an inexpensive restaurant and a meal in a mid-range restaurant. This is along with the average price of a coke and the approximate number of restaurants per city based on Tripadvisor and Numbeo data.

Accommodation: The average price of accommodation based on the price per person and per night and the approximate amount of accommodations per city based on Hometogo data. The prices of vacation rentals for max. 6 people were calculated on a basis of more than 800,000 bookings made via HomeToGo metasearch engine between October 2015 and September 2016.

Public Transport: Based on the average price of public transport including one-way ticket and the taxi rate, including the starting price and one kilometer ride, taken from Numbeo data.

Total score: The final calculation includes other factors such as the Climate Index, Pollution Index, Safety Index, Purchasing Power Index, Health Care Index, Cost of Living Index, property price to income ratio, and Traffic and Commute Time Index based on Numbeo data. Along with these elements, a deduction of the overall score has been applied to those countries where a visa is required. These factors have been integrated in the final calculation but are not displayed in the ranking table.

Tips for choosing your next city break destination

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