The Best Europe Trip Routes to take this Summer!

How to Plan a Europe Trip without Getting Ripped Off

Whether you're looking to get the most out of your Europe trip or are just looking for some travel itinerary ideas, GoEuro's got you covered with a variety of itineraries and tours. From the month-long odyssey of 'The Grand Tour' which combines 13 European destinations in 7 countries, perfect for backpacking Europe, to the more focused 2 week routes in Italy and Spain, GoEuro has a route for every type of European traveller.

In addition to providing more flexibility in your travel arrangements, buying point-to-point European train tickets during your Euro tour is often cheaper than buying an interrail pass ahead of time. Additionally, ticket re-sellers like RailEurope often only offer specific fares and routes, while also requiring paper tickets that you must receive by mail. With the GoEuro App, you can find the best transport option, including European train tickets, at the cheapest prices, at the click of a button. No paper tickets or mailing address required.

No matter whether you're taking the train, bus or flying, GoEuro helps you find the cheapest way to travel Europe.

Plan your trip on the go with the GoEuro app:

The Grand Tour

Baguettes, boisterous nightlife and breath-taking mountainous terrain are all highlights on GoEuro's 'Grand Tour', the ideal Europe trip if it's your first time travelling Europe. Travel with GoEuro through 7 countries and 13 cities over 3-4 weeks while picking up lifelong memories along the way by using our Grand Tour of Europe route planner.

£240 GoEuro total trip cost

Discover Italy

Art and culture combine seamlessly to create la bella vita in Italy - from the Prada and Valentino fashion houses to the immaculate espresso culture, everything in Italy is designed for maximum substance, style, and beauty. While the Roman Empire and the Renaissance have furnished Italy with an impressive amount of cultural artifacts and architectural wonders, Italian cuisine is possibly more world famous. From creamy gelatto to robust ravioli al ragù, Italian cooking will be sure to scintillate your taste buds with every bite. Experience everything Italy has to offer with GoEuro's 5 city tour.

£50 GoEuro total trip cost

Discover Spain

From art to architecture and fiestas to flamenco, the diversity of Spain's culture and history make it a country full of intrigue and discovery for all prospective travelers. History lovers will be overwhelmed by the variety of Spain's cultural and architectural artifacts- from Roman ruins to geometric Moorish mosques to decadent cathedrals, great civilizations have molded Spain's culture throughout history. Be it culinary, artistic, cultural or architectural, Spain constantly balances its traditions with a spirit of modernism that makes it a fascinating place to explore and discover. Experience everything Spain has to offer with GoEuro's 5 city tour.

£112 GoEuro total trip cost

2 Weeks in Northern Europe

From Paris' art and cuisine to Copenhagen's relaxed lifestyle and effortless cool, GoEuro's Northern European tour offers the most cultural variety in the shortest amount of time making you feel as if you're travelling around Europe as a whole. After walking up the Arc de Triomphe in Paris relax and enjoy some fine Belgian beer in one of Brussels' world-famous drinking establishments. Travellers can view Van Gogh and Rembrandt's finest paintings in Amsterdam before relaxing on the beach in Hamburg. Experience 5 different countries and cultures with GoEuro's 5 city Northern European tour.

£90 GoEuro total trip cost

Explore Central-Eastern Europe

From the Berlin Wall to the Pearl of the Danube, indulge in diversity on GoEuro’s 'Central-Eastern Exploration' Europe trip. Leave Germany for Prague’s fairy tale architecture, Vienna’s grand operas, and finish with the colourfully ruinous bars of Budapest. Experience everything that Central-Eastern Europe has to offer with GoEuro's 2 week, 5 city Europe trip planner.

£104 GoEuro total trip cost

Disclaimer: The route price is based on the cheapest train offered by GoEuro for a specific day.

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