Christmas & New Year's Eve Tour

Catch the highlights of Europe with GoEuro's Christmas & New Year's Eve tour

Experience the festivities across 5 different countries over two weeks with GoEuro's 'Christmas & New Year's Eve' travel itinerary. We've researched the best spots across the continent, from the best Christmas markets to explosive New Year's Eve plans, so take a look and start planning your merry getaway.


London - Paris
02:37 Eurostar
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Grab the train from London St.Pancras and arrive in the centre of Paris. The twinkling lights of the Champ-Elysees, the sparkling Manèges de Noël carousels outside the l'Hôtel de Ville Rivol are just some of the Christmas-infused activities you can do at this time of year. Spend two days in the City of Light skating at 100 metres on the Eiffel Tower, or do as the locals do and take in the marvellous window displays of the Galeries Lafayette, Printemps or Bon Marché. Don't forget to pick up some of France's best chocolate at La Maison du Chocolat boutiques across the city before moving onto the next stop - Strasbourg.


Away from the bright lights of Paris, Strasbourg offers a more tranquil and age-old experience. The quaint French city boasts one of Europe's most exciting Christmas markets, nabbing the official reward in 2014 and 2015. Take your time, glühwein in hand, gandering from stall to stall picking up roasted almonds, hearty stew and local knick-knacks. Spare some time for the 'Petite France' neighbourhood. It's winding streets and canals make this area one of the most picturesque parts of the city. Strasbourg is the perfect warm-up for one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world - Nuremberg.


Strasbourg – Nuremberg
06:54 Deutsche Bahn
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With Christmas Day just around the corner, Nuremberg is at its festive peak. The Nuremberg Christmas market spurs over the historic city centre with both local and international stalls. One of the local's favourite treats 'Lebkuchen', a type of gingerbread cake, is a must-try as the nation's favourite treat calls Nuremberg its home. If you're in the mood for some souvenir shopping you're in for a treat, as many of the stalls sell traditional hand-craft ornaments. For the best view of the market climb up the steps of the Church of Our Lady before heading to the next stop on the itinerary - Prague.


Nuremberg - Prague
04:50 Deutsche Bahn
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Where better to spend Christmas than Prague? The winding cobbled streets of the Old Town are alight with stars and angels, and the streets are less busy with tourists who have returned home. Spend Christmas exploring the quiet streets of the Castle district and filling up on comforting Czech cuisine. While the biggest Christmas markets are in the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, do make the extra walk to the smaller markets at Havel's Market on Kampa Island or in front of Prague's cathedral. The Czech capital is the perfect spot to spend a relaxing Christmas before moving onto one of Europe's most diverse capitals - Berlin.


Prague - Berlin
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The time between Christmas and New Year's is best spent in Berlin. Why? Germany's capital contrasted character allows activities for visitors of any kind to have the time of their life, even between holidays. Christmas enthusiasts can enjoy a cup of glühwein at the famous Gendarmenmarkt market. For those who just want to snuggle up, you can enjoy the classic Einstein Stammhaus cafe. Of course, for visitors who want start the New Year's celebrations early can indulge in Berlin's eccentric nightlife. With almost three days to spend, it's possible to experience all of these elements before popping onto the train to ring in the New Year in the Dutch capital - Amsterdam.


Berlin - Amsterdam
06:49 Deutsche Bahn
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2018 is almost here and Amsterdam's streets are alive with celebrations. For the main midnight event head to Oosterdock to catch a spectacular firework display against the backdrop of Amsterdam's Scheepvaartmuseum. To help a heavy head the next morning, go in search of oilebollen, these tradition deep-fried dough ball will help rejuvenate the body in preparation for the train back to London.


Arrive in central London with some time left for the New Year's sales on Oxford Street. If going from shop to shop isn't up your street, then grab a cuppa at Drink Shop Do near King's Cross station where you'll find up to 27 different tips of tea blends. Finish your Christmas and New Year's Eve on a high note with a play in the West End before heading home.


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