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About Glasgow

As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow played a major role in the Industrial Revolution, as well as developing the largest seaport in Britain. Together with its neighbour, Edinburgh, these cities are the most popular and populated within Scotland. Despite its cold, wet climate, Glasgow has a vibrant culture and has become a popular tourist destination within Britain.

Important Stations and Airports for this Journey

Everything you need to know about Glasgow Central train station

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  • WC

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Everything you need to know about Glasgow Airport

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The 500 express bus runs every 10 minutes and provides the quickest option.

Travelling to Glasgow

Glasgow has three international airports within close proximity to the city; Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Prestwick Airport and Edinburgh International, all of which are within 50km of the city centre. The closest of these is Glasgow Airport, which is just 10km away and has a wide range of both national and international flights. Dedicated bus routes run from all of these airports into Glasgow city centre.

Glasgow Central railway station is the city’s main rail hub and is the station through which all trains going to or from England pass. There are many services to the rest of Scotland, and a direct line to London and the west coast.

National Express and Megabus services are the primary coach companies that operate routes to Glasgow and Scotland. Whilst the journey is long, the services are smooth and relatively cheap, and run from all major cities within Scotland and England.

How to Get Around Glasgow

Glasgow has 4 major bus companies: First, McGill’s, Stagecoach and Citybus. Between them, they have a vast network of routes that allow visitors to get to any part of the city very easily. There is also an underground metro service, which is one of the oldest in the world, as well as local train services.

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