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How to travel to Reykjavík

The most convenient way to travel to Reykjavík is by taking a flight. There are direct flights from the UK to Reykjavík from cities such as London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. Indirect flights are also offered from the UK to Iceland's capital city. Keflavík International Airport is the largest airport in Iceland and serves as the main hub for international transport. It can be found on the Reykjanes Peninsula, near the town of Keflavik, which is about 31 miles from Reykjavík.

Looking to catch the bus from the airport to the city centre? Find out all the information you need to know and book your bus ticket from Keflavík airport to Reykjavík city centre.


FAQ's About Travelling to Reykjavík

What’s the weather in Reykjavík like?

Reykjavík's temperature peaks in July and August with 13°C as the average temperature. At this time of year, the hours of sunlight also peak with 24 hours a day. Due to its proximity to the arctic circle, winters in Iceland can be rather chilly. January is the coldest month of the year, with an average low of -3°C degrees, with no sunlight and plenty of snow.

When is the cheapest time to book a trip to Reykjavík?

The cheapest month to book a flight to Reykjavík is November and early December.

What can’t you miss out on in Reykjavík?

Iceland's coastal capital is the perfect spot to do some whale watching. For those who prefer dry land, the city is filled with mueseums. Plus, the blue lagoon is located in the centre of town!

Which airlines fly to Reykjavík from the UK?

There are three airlines which offer direct flights from the UK, they are easyJet, WOW air and Icelandair.

Will I need my passport to enter Iceland?

Iceland joined the Schengen acquis in 2001, which means passengers will not be asked for I.D upon arrival. However, officials from Keflavík International Airport heavily recommend travellers to bring their passports.

How to get around Reykjavík

The public transport in Reykjavík consists solely of buses. Public buses are operated under Strætó and offer connections within the city as well as to other destinations.

Bicycling is an excellent way to discover Reykjavík, and Iceland as a whole. Within the city there are bike lanes, often located close to the pedestrian lanes. Cycling outside of the city, especially in the summer, is also very popular for adventure enthusiasts. Even though Icelanders are some of the most prolific drivers, traffic in Reykjavík is usually sparse in comparison to the rest of Europe. There may be a little congestion at times, especially in the evenings on the weekends when people are heading to the city centre to socialise, but it is usually nothing too bad. As a whole, Icelandic drivers are usually respectful of traffic laws.

Reykjavík is a great size to explore on foot, and it is easy to do so. As there is not an overabundance of traffic or congestion, the city is very pedestrian friendly and walking can sometimes be the fastest way to get to different points in the city.

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