The GoEuro Study Abroad Guide to Europe

Congratulations to our study abroad scholarship winners!

To encourage travel among students, GoEuro, the platform for finding and booking trains, buses and flights has awarded 10 scholarships to the following students who are planning to do a study abroad programme in Europe this year:

Name University Country
Rachel University of Sheffield United Kingdom
Antonio Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II Italy
Aroldo Universidad de Sevilla Spain
Arianna Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro Italy
Joe Universidad de Alcalá Spain
Karen University of Kentucky United States of America
Laura Montana State University United States of America
Natalie Syracuse University United States of America
Prokop Univerzita Karlova Czech Republic
Alexandre Universität Mannheim Germany
Karina Uniwersytet Medyczny Poland
Salvatore Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro Italy

Travel Habits of Study Abroad Students

In order to understand the travel habits of study abroad students in Europe, GoEuro, the platform for booking trains, buses and flights, conducted a survey asking students from 10 countries where and how they plan travel when studying abroad in Europe. Interestingly, of our 5,785 respondents, 17.6% are planning to study abroad in the sunny land of Spain. Find our interactive infographic below and see some more insights from our survey (hover over the countries!)

Of our UK respondents, 21% chose Spain as their first choice destination. Following Spain, the other top destinations for UK students were France with 16%, Germany with 11%, the Netherlands with 9.5%, and finally Italy, with 9.2%.

The research also revealed that almost one-fifth (19%) of American students ranked the UK as their top destination while it was the second choice for German (12%), Spanish (13%) and Italian (15%) students. It also showed that the most popular subject for international students to study in the UK is science.

Study abroad tips and advice

For further study abroad tips and travel advice, check out the blog posts below.

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